Unlimited Dizzle Vizzle Dizzle

Basically a couple of weeks ago I signed up for the top level service from Blockbuster Online that gives you Unlimited DVDs (three at a time). The cool thing is that you even get two video game or DVD rentals at your local store a month, that takes care of the spur of the moment thing that people complain about.

So far I am really pleased with the service. Takes two days to get to Columbia from St. Louis. I really like movies more than TV but I have always not liked the prices of going to the movies (even though I will spend a fortune on other stuff) even though I like going to the movies (popcorn, experience, etc), and I don’t like renting so I usually buy DVDs… which is why I have over sixty of them. I think I will really like this though because it gives me the chance to see all the movies I want to see just to experience but can’t justify the cost of the theatre or buying it. I suggest you try it.

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