Slow News Day and Weekend Plans

Sorry to those one or two people out there that read this but today seems like it’s a slow news day cause it is Friday.

However this weekend should be fun as Erik is coming into town tonight for a quasi-bachelor party type thing. Odds are Jeremy and Matt will come too, maybe Crone… which I hope to God someone tells Crone to take a fucking shower beforehand. Although now that I think about it he might just then smell like wet dog and Dial Hand Soap.

So, in considering that a few of the old guys are getting back together tonight I surmise that we are probably going to get waaaaaasted. Now, at this point I do not know if I am happy about this or not because I know I am going to feel like crap Saturday and Sunday morning. I guess this is not so bad as long as I don’t end up with another penis drawn on my jaw with a Sharpie.

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