Rebuilding Oneself

So, I haven’t been posting a lot of cool stuff lately because I am currently taking a week vacation from work and attempting to “unplug” a little. Sorry about that, if you care.

Lately do to a very difficult week at work (probably one of my toughest yet) and some personal occurances coupled with this week of vacation I have been having tiny epiphanies on where my life is going and have found that recently I have sort of strayed from what I thought a good tack (nautical term). I decided to take much of the time this week to work on myself a little. I have watched several movies (I know how can that better oneself besides relaxing), I have decided to begin eating better (although my previous diet still pales in comparison to the unhealthiness of a normal American), restarting vitamins and whatnot, working out harder, trying to get through on my backlogged books, and getting outstanding errands done. This may sound silly to some of you, but I feel that at least I am trying to better myself. We shall see if I stay focused and continue within the next few weeks.

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