Erik’s Wedding

Well, I have to say that Erik and Ann Marie’s wedding was probably the craziest wedding I have ever been to. It was really nice too. The ceremony was at a nice little catholic church. The cool thing about the ceremony though was that sparsly scattered around were all the people attending, but in the back corner was us, a solid block of young men and their dates crammed together and it was amazing because we probably outnumbered everyone else there.

The reception was phenomenal. I don’t even want to know how much money they spent but with all of us guys and an open bar, you can imagine how it ended up. It was slightly ironic however to see that in the same hotel there was a high school anti-alcohol and anti-drug conferance as we were going completely insane. I will spare all the details, but as usual even though I was on very good behavior I got myself in hot water with more than one woman and spent a ton of money. Have you ever had to call up everyone you were with the previous night and all of you had to combine your collective fragmented memories in order to paint a complete picture of what transpired? Yeah, thats what we did yesterday. However let me assure you that no people or animals were injured in the course of the evening, save for maybe that midget and the mule. But before you jump to conclusions let me remind you that our founding farthers fought for the American right that whatever a consenting dwarf circus performer and his burro choose to do in the privacy of a large and very nice public hotel in front of several minors attending a drug and alcohol abuse conferance is their business. And don’t you forget it.