So, I almost died on the way to work today. 2

I pull forward through the intersection onto Providence Road. I turn and look out my driver-side window, startled by the sudden blairing of a Trucks horn, and begin to stare at an older mans freightened face coming at me, arm high in the air as he is pulling the cord of his horn hanging from the cab of his truck. The next instant there is a huge crunch as I watch chunks of a dark SUV fly in all directions as the Truck plows into the driver-side door of the vehicle behind me. I keep going, staring in my mirror as the entire intersection comes to a stop. I had to be traveling at 30 MPH in a 55 MPH zone as I glance in my mirror, my mind is stopped, still trying to understand what just happened. By the time my brain begins to process information again and the questions “Should I stop?”, “Is the person okay?” start to come around, I am already halfway across town beginning to pull into work.

I’m not kidding. I still am pretty freaked out. I’m not talking about someone cutting me off or something stupid like that. No, I am talking about a friggin CONCRETE Truck coming down Providence directly at me laying on the horn and flying through the interesection as I am crossing through it. I guess the universe determined that it should be mearly fractions of a second that seperated the fate of the person behind me from mine… and I hope they are okay.

Not to be overly sappy here, but I guess this is a good reminder of how important it is to value our time on this planet. Unfortunately I haven’t been doing so lately, I have gotten too caught up in the more trivial things.

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