Nerd Drive 2006 Underways! 4

So, I finally decided that for Nerd Drive 2006 we are going to go hybrid on this. So, this is what we are going to do.

1) If you would like to get something I really need, buy a Dell gift card that I will use towards purchasing a new Dell monitor as mine is currently changing groovy hues of pink and purple on random occasion. Each person who wishes to contribute can buy me a gift card here. Now, I believe the lowest amount you can buy is about $50. I know that only my family who owes me so much due to the happiness I bring to their lives and the various women I… ahem… provide other services for will be able to afford this, so if that is to rich for your blood (you cheap bastards) then try option 2 or 3.

2) If you would like to get something more personal, you can always just go to my Amazon Wishlist Page. There are some cool stuff on there. I am hoping to put some excercise clotheses on there cause I am really into working-out lately so that might be something for you to look at. Otherwise the rest of the stuff is a safe bet. If that is not enough garbage for you to pick from, you can go to my secondary list with all kinds of wacky junk on it.

3) You could be the most awesomest friend evar and buy me a iPod Video 60GB Black MP3 Player with “I am the Internet.” engraved on the back.

4) If you want to be a rebel, just get me whatever the hell you want to.

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