Resonating I

So, from time to time I toss up some stupid post like this about what music is kind of resonating with me at that particular moment. This weekend there are two songs that are particulary reflecting kind of where I am right now. There was something really cool that happened to me last week. So, I guess thats why these two particular songs hit me.

The first being Eddie Money’s Take Me Home Tonight. Yeah, I know, corny, but for some reason I heard this song on Friday night out at the bars and it just struck me. Cheesy 80’s Rawk and all. And by the way, I love 80’s Music, so if you don’t like it you can just Shut You Pie Hole.

The second is The Fray’s Over My Head (Cable Car), cause… well… I am just feeling the song.

Late Addition: Jane’s Addiction Jane Says (Live Version) off the album Kettle Whistle (Sorry, would provide a link but nobody has the song so you can stream it.)

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