8 Things Women Suck at in Bed 1

So there is lots of stuff that I have been seeing in guys and girls magazines that like to talk about what crap guys do that suck, so here is a little tip for da ladies.

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One thought on “8 Things Women Suck at in Bed

  • Stacy B

    This article makes the mistaken assumption that men are not simply here on earth to please us women and do our bidding. As that idea is ridiculous, this article makes no sense.

    On the other hand, you are also our playthings, so to not take full advantage of our playthings in bed is a travesty. The real issue here is that some women don’t understand the artform of sex. I guess not everyone is an artist. Such a shame.

    Guys, I’m sorry to all of you who have not met the artists. The strip club doesn’t count.