My Birthday this weekend

So I am going to St. Louis on Friday for my nieces birthday. She is having her fourth birthday party on Saturday. Interestingly enough her birthday is on January 21st just like mine (Everybody, simultaneous “Awwwwwwww!”). We will be driving back on Saturday to Columbia. I don’t know if I am doing something on Saturday night but if I do I will try to let as many people know as possible. Nix that. If I am doing anything I probably won’t be of sound mind enough to dial my cell phone so please give me a call and come on out, or at least wish me Happy Birthday.

Also, Geekdrive 2007 is still rolling along (well, no, I shouldn’t say that, it is probably stopped dead in the water) so if you would like to contribute to a destitute young professional who is lustful of technology you can head on over to teh Wishlist.

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