Why have I been out of town this week?

Well, just in case anyone was wondering why I have been posting weird messages to Twitter and Facebook it is because I have been in Sunnyvale, California since Sunday for work. Yes I am in the heart of Silicon Valley, considered to be “Nerd Mecca” going through vendor specific training on Juniper Networks equipement.

Just in case you were wondering and actually cared I have been taking Configuring Juniper Networks Routers on the M/T Series Routers that we operate. I haven’t been doing very much here other than classwork and a little sight seeing as my classmates this time are fairly mellow and I will most likely be taking the Juniper Networks Certified Internet Associate Certification Exam shortly after I get back. The class is very cool. The only thing is that it crams so much in at once that you start to get afraid that that knowledge is just going to evaporate as soon as you leave.

I always feel better when I learn this much and it empowers me in my career so that I don’t feel like I am stagnating.
I wish I could do one of these every few months. Unfortunately our work training budget is only so big and I certainly don’t make enough to pay for these myself. I really wish I could.

Maybe I will post a list of training events, certifications, and books that I am working on to further my knowledge in my field but I wonder how many of you out there will be interested in it. If you are… let me know.

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