Alcohol + Plants… Maybe not so bad after all. 4

Well Stacy decided to chime in and send this counter-story from Yahoo News noting that alcohol and plants may not be so bad after all. This of course is in reference to my previous story about the dangers of letting your plants imbibe on a frequent basis. The next thing you know you could find them passed out in a dark alley smelling of all manner of awful things. Trust me, I know this from experience.

By the way Stacy, we don’t need any of those balanced opinions here on RDDN. The internets are chaos and garbage and we like it that way. So don’t go and mess up my program. Mmmkay?

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4 thoughts on “Alcohol + Plants… Maybe not so bad after all.

  • Stacy

    Dude, it’s YOUR website. No body makes you litter the internet with this crap. Isn’t there a fine or something for that or for defiling something beautiful? You’d be up a creek if there were. World Wide Web? Ha! I think this here is the World Wide Wastebasket.

    Oh, and once in a while, could you check your spelling or maybe use real words? ‘Kbye