My Birthday this weekend

So I am going to St. Louis on Friday for my nieces birthday. She is having her fourth birthday party on Saturday. Interestingly enough her birthday is on January 21st just like mine (Everybody, simultaneous “Awwwwwwww!”). We will be driving back on Saturday to Columbia. I don’t know if I […]

Six Months 1

So, this girl and I have been dating six months. Who knew? It is always kind of startling to realize that it has really been that long, but it is a good feeling, a really good feeling. Emily is a really wild person, almost as wild as me in fact, […]

Alex & Me

This is a picture of the shirt I am wearing today. Strikingly fitting for me isn’t it? You can get it and many more like it over at Threadless. They are all pretty cool since they are nerdy and artistic. I think I pretty much own almost all of them […]

I want this dog!

So, most people know I am more of a dog person than a cat person. I also have always wanted an English Bulldog. I even know I that I would name him Pork Chop. I love this video because it is totally something I could see he and I doing. […]

My World II

The following picture is a capture I took of a training module for PSTN to VoIP for Voice Telecommunications Equipment. Now, what upsets me the most about the following pictures is not how ridiculous it is (Oh yes, it is pretty stupid) but that A) Someone actually drew this, and […]

Resonating I

So, from time to time I toss up some stupid post like this about what music is kind of resonating with me at that particular moment. This weekend there are two songs that are particulary reflecting kind of where I am right now. There was something really cool that happened […]